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Nikki Medoro is on a mission to make your commute more entertaining. Don't glance at your Facebook feed while driving! You don't need to stare at your phone - hunched over - looking for something to occupy your mind! Slip on your headphones and take a journey on The Commute. Entertainment for your wandering mind.
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May 13, 2016

On this Episode of The Commute, Nikki Medoro talks with Silicon Valley tech guy Chris Messina.  But this isn't a tech story. It's a love story.  And the person Messina is trying to fall in love with is himself.  Find out how a trip to Burning Man helped Messina discover a truth about himself and how that ultimately destroyed his marriage.

Mar 10, 2016

Imagine taking a path for so long to reach a goal.  It could be in your career, a relationship or something else.  But then all of a sudden, you no longer want to be on that path.  The goal you have been working towards is something you no longer want.  Would you be able to say goodbye to all you have done to get to this point - in hopes that the unknown future will be better for you?

In this episode of The Commute, Nikki Medoro talks with former Pando Daily/GigaOm/ReCode tech reporter Carmel DeAmicis.  HER path took her from the Middle East to Columbia Journalism School and then to Silicon Valley.  And when she finally got there, she decided to give it all up.  Could you do the same in your life?  Is the POSSIBILITY of happiness worth changing course?

Jan 29, 2016

In this season of The Commute, it's all about happiness and positivity...and the path people take to get there.  In this  episode, Nikki Medoro talks with someone who hit rock-bottom in life until a BOOK helped her view life differently. Also listen for a preview of what stories are coming up.